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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blogging from Traverse City Michigan tonight-

And from the old state mental hospital too! (I suppose I should say, "finally" as if the powers that be have finally caught up with me...)

Actually, I'm in a hospitality room at a place called Munson Manor, which really was part of the State Mental Hospital some years ago. Now its a nice place to stay just a few yards away from where my momo is staying while she recovers fromher heart attack.

I saw Mom first, after I arrived tonight. She was so very pleased to see me. The kind nurses let me in way past visiting hours and I visited until 10:30 PM when I finally told Mom to get some sleep and checked in to the Manor.

Mom's not generally a touchy-feely kind of mom, but tonight she wanted to hold my hand the entire time we visited. Which is just fine by me! She looks tired and bruised from all the needle pokes and blood thinners she is getting but its clear her intent is to keep on living and to get her health back as much as she can. She has actually been moved from the 2nd floor critical cardiac unit to the 3rd floor today, which means the docs believe she is getting better. And her nurse tonight is the younger sister of her brother Randy's ex-wife! It is a very small world!

Seems there is actually at least 3 members or former members of the family working at this hospital. One of them is a teaching and supervisor type nurse. SInce the other nurses on Mom's floor know who she is, they pay particular attention to her care, since they also know this supervisor is watching out for her...

So, I've been traveling all day. From Salt Lake City to Detroit, then to Saginaw/Bay City by air, then across the state in a rental Malibu, which turns out to be a decent car, (29.4 mpg getting up here). I may take time to do a rental car review later. Its nice but has some faults that I find distracting in just a couple hours. Of course I'm breaking house rules with a big bottle of Rogue Brewery Juniper Pale Ale and there's a pint of Canadian Mist that might wait for tomorrow before getting cracked open. Hey- I had to stop and ask directions ans an open liquor store seemed the right place to get them. And I had to buy something, right?

Coming to Michigan always puts me in an odd mood too, so I may have to write about that this week too. We'll see.

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